Expert Educator Global Collaboration- We Are Little Volunteers: Traffic Safety Project

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by Karina Batat, Maja Seguljev, and Ngo Thanh Nam
Expert Educator Columnists

Three Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts from Israel, Serbia, and Vietnam collaborated to link their classrooms and students through Skype and work together on a traffic safety project. Read the full story from each of their perspectives below!

Karina Batat, Israel

CaptureI’m Karina Batat and I’m a teacher at Gordon Primary School in Petah Tikva, Israel. We joined the Project in November. Everything started with Nam’s post at the Microsoft Expert Educator Facebook Group. Nam was searching for partners and I jumped on his offer. I’ve been leading collaborative projects since 2009 (The Travelling Mascott Project) so I’m aware of the great benefits of this global project to both students and teachers, combining the wise use of ICT, collaboration and communication.

In Israel, traffic safety is included in the curriculum and 5th grade students learn about the subject 2…

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