Global Project With OneNote

My name’s Nam, I’m a teacher from Vietnam. I love project-based teaching and would love to implement this throughout my teaching job. I don’t only want to limit my project within student’s range but I also look for collaboration with teachers from other countries. What tool should I go for to benefit this cooperation? OneNote, the best tool I’ve ever used, has caused me a great interest.


Why do I prefer OneNote?

-No restriction of geographic distance and different schedules

-Support to store, set up and share a variety of information at one source.


-Easily accessible

– Time-saving and flexible for many users to access anytime in need.

How do I put OneNote into effect? A global project with the name “We are little volunteers” was born.

During the time using OneNote in collaboration with teachers from other countries, I also created a lot of sessions.





Some are mutually occupied, and some are designed for particular individuals. Subsequently, I assigned the tasks and shared this digital notebook together. We easily track the progress and plan up for next steps. Students also have their own sessions for mutual communication.


OneNote accelerates our work to become faster, easier and more convenient.


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