Skype in the Classroom + Kahoot = Amazing way to keep students engaged

Skype and Kahoot are two of my favourite tools that help to break down traditional ways in teaching and make learning fun. I have tried in classroom over the years that I have been teaching. My student use Skype and Kahoot are so much more engaged than they would be in any other format. However, I never thought that I can combine these tools in a lesson until I read the resource Skype in the Classroom and Kahoot on Microsoft Innovative Community . Fast forward a week, I decided to conduct lesson which combined Skype and Kahoot together. I started to access the MEC website and sent a request to Skype Master Teacher – Ms Mio Horio from Japan. Luckily, she agreed and we started to do schedule for our connection. I also required my students to learn about Japan by myself before the connection on the next day.

Finally, the waiting day also came. My kids were really excited to say hello to Mio. I also had the same feeling from Mio.16508443_2014305588796347_1547401004627719299_n.jpg

Every thing was really to be excited when Mio gave my class game pin. This was not first time my kids to play with Skype but they were still engaged. They love the questions about Japan, such as: capital, letters of writing, map,… Then, Mio introduced about her school and give some quizzes. After finishing all questions, Mio said goodbye but my kids didnt want to stop. Athough, she promised there will a connection so early.






After the connection, I thought there was really magic of Skype and Kahoot together that they can’t get in other lessons with other formats. With this combination, my students are eager to learn about things.

How to have an amazing connection that is combined Skype and Kahoot? I have some tips for you:

#1: Select the theme you want your students to Skype Kahoot

#2: Connecting with a teacher or class, does not matter the same country or overseas as long as they are fond of your subject. You can find classes or teachers that are available to assist you at  this websiteRemember to add your skype ID each other.

#3: Prepare kahoot related to your topic. Check this to know how to create a kahoot:

#4: Before connecting, please remind your students to check the internet of their laptop, phone or tablet. Students need to open to prepare for Skype kahoot.

#5: Students need to listen teh question carefully although they are very excited.

#6: Students should say thank you to the teacher or class who participated in Skype kahoot with them.

#7: After the question is over, the teacher may ask the students to summarize what they have learned.


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