The article about my global project on national magazine


Preventing child abuse – The open roads

Despite many obstacles in propagating the prevention of sexual abuse for children, especially in the school area but not so that the propaganda was pushed back.

Connecting the world to learn skills 

Ngo Thanh Nam, a teacher at Vinschool Elementary School in Ho Chi Minh City, found that students lacked the skills to prevent abuse and sexual harassment. He decided to set up the Five Safe Fingers project and invited the creative teacher community on the IT platform. Teachers in Vietnam and around the world such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, USA, Australia, Canada … are very excited and respond enthusiastically. For everyone, the problem of “child sexual abuse” is not just a matter for a country but a common problem for all. Teacher Nam built the website https://mrnamvas.wixsite.com to make it easy for schools around the world to share and link lessons with each other.

Ngo Thanh Nam’s project took place in five weeks. The first week, students and teachers introduced each other and learn the overview of knowledge, skills prevention – sexual assault. The second week, they shared the article, knowledge, useful information. In the third week, students made handwriting and hand-drawings about 5 rules of communication with parents, relatives, acquaintances, strangers, ominous people.

By week 4, students from many countries are talking to each other through Skype. Until the last week, they went to the residential areas, crossroads … to distribute leaflets propaganda about the project.

Fita SukiYani, a teacher from Yogyakarta High School (Indonesia), said: “My students are  very interested in receiving information from the project because in Indonesia, they also need skills to prevent harm and protect themselves. From this project, students have been provided with a wealth of knowledge, from which each of student is confident to be a propagator to his/her community, his/her neighbors!”


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