My Passion In Digital Citizenship Education


My main job is not a teacher teaching information technology or life skills teachers, but the teaching that drives students to become a citizen is always interested in me. This is my personal passion. Therefore, at any given time, I would like to introduce the topic of educating the digital citizenship to students.

Why do I care about teaching a Digital citizenship’s skills to students?

We live in a flat world. The information brought to the world is never as easy as it is now. As an adult, a teacher, we need to guide our students and their children in accessing and processing the information responsibly. Our students today not only face to face but also virtual world. Sometimes, they are not aware of their actions in the virtual world right or wrong. I firmly believe that we do not have the capacity and time to manage the use of the internet, our computers. Instead of managing them by forbidding them to use or remove their technology equipment, let’s teach them to use smart and safe technology. In addition, becoming a citizen also has many benefits for our students. Today, in order to be successful, people can not work alone but instead work together. When they become citizens, they know how to work together globally. In fact, in my classroom, many students have changed their attitudes as well as their academic performance when collaborating through global projects where technology is an important part of that collaboration. There are students who are very passive in learning the traditional way teachers teach, but vice versa, they are extremely active when working with technology. You can help to create a positive school culture that supports to safe and responsible technology use if students are taught digital citizenship.

What did I do in digital citizenship education?

* With my class:

I am a technology lover and love global collaboration. Read my story HERE

Therefore, in my lessons, I regularly organize global learning projects. To do this, technology plays a small role. Students will need to use technology to find information, to work together, to connect with friends around the world. However, my biggest worry is how to use the technology properly and safely. So, first job before the project is that I always guide them how to use computer, social network safety? Once they are aware of their responsibility for using technology, I begin the next learning activity.

You can watch a lecture that I use to guide my students. HERE

* For students in other schools:

Currently, besides being an elementary school teacher, I am also a Microsoft Learning Consultant. That’s why I regularly organize free classes for the use of safety technology for students from primary to high school in schools across Vietnam. I also collaborated with Microsoft Vietnam to develop and implement a safe Internet program for all schools in Vietnam. You can look through the curriculum we use HERE. This curriculum can be used for both students and parents.



* With friends, colleagues: 


In addition to teaching the skills to students, I regularly hold free sharing sessions on safe and responsible technology use for many of my colleagues at the school. I believe that when teachers know how to use technology properly, they can teach their students to use technology safely.

* For students’ parents:


In the past, parents often forbade their children to use technology when they could not manage their use. To me, this is not the right way to do it because the more they will curb the more curious and sneaky use. Help children learn how to use it safely. With that in mind, I regularly hold seminars to help mothers understand the importance of technology to life and, more importantly, how they can help the baby use technology. safely and responsibly.



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