What do teachers need to know in preparing their children for the future of 2030 and beyond?


The world is growing every hour, every minute and this is changing the roots of our daily lives. Who can say in advance what will happen? How will life around us change? How can education prepare future generations for a perspective that we do not know yet? As a teacher, what skills do you need to equip your students in the future by 2030 and beyond? Will you keep traditional teaching methods or will you also change?

As an elementary school teacher, I realize that prospective teachers need some of the skills they need to help transform education:

Technology is a friend of teaching work

As we all know, the 4.0 revolution has become an opportunity and also a challenge for many professions, including education. In the general trend, students are becoming more proficient in using technology. I believe that students also want the technology that their teachers combine in their lectures. What’s more amazing is that when your lecture is illustrated with a lot of modern technology, your students will probably have more Aha in each class. I am still impressed with Eddie Woo  – Top 10 Global Teacher Prize 2018 – with a repository of lectures posted on his Youtube channel. This is a living proof that technology is an important part of the learning process. Let’s make you an eteacher in the future.

Open class

We live in a flat world and there is no reason for you to get your students to study in the four walls of a traditional classroom. Let your students be connected with the world. By my own experience, I found Skype to be a good choice. By using this tool, you are giving children opportunities to make friends from around the world. Students will share what they have learned and what they are doing with other classes. At the same time, they also heard from friends from other countries sharing their thoughts and views related to issues that concern them. This is a great way for students to develop critical thinking as well as teamwork skills. In the future, your student should be a global citizen. To do that, you first need to be a global teacher. Barbara Anna Zielonka– Top 10 Global Teacher Prize 2018 –  is also bringing his class to the world very well.


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