My journey with the Global Teacher Prize


  1. What was it like being involved in the Global Teacher Prize?

    In my opinion, the standard for a teacher to involve in the Global Teacher Prize is that teaching is done with the heart. Even if you are working in a full-fledged environment, you lack the love of your students, and the material will become meaningless. It is the love of children that will do wonders. Once the teaching work comes from love, you can easily awaken the student’s passion for learning. Since then, the quality of teaching has been improved thanks to the efforts of both teachers and learners. In contact with the teachers of this award, I realize that all of them are influential students, colleagues, community, government, etc. Each person who is a teacher is a important factor to change the world. I feel so lucky to be one of those wonderful people.


2. What was the best thing about being involved in the competition?

      The most exciting part of this award is not the one million dollars that the prize brings but the opportunity to be part of the best teacher community in the world. I have been listening to their stories from the hardest schools to the modern places around the globe. I was thrilled to meet friends who had previously had the opportunity to work together online. We all feel but one family because we share our passion for education. Their sharing, their experiences have inspired me so much for a very special career that we all devoted our passion to it. My passion for teaching is aroused more than ever by these emotional stories. I also have the opportunity to share “my voice” to the world as a part of the Varkey Teacher Ambassador program. The four days at the forum are fast, every moment there was a moment that makes us proud to become teachers. I totally agree with statement of Maggie MacDonnell – the winner of Global Teacher Prize 2017 –  at her session at the forum: “A million dollars can not buy the moments we’ve spent at the Global Teacher Prize.”

3. How has it changed my outlook on your work?

    I do not think I will be able to earn so much amazing things in the four days of participating in this global education and skill forum. I have the opportunity to listen to sessions on a variety of topics from well-known global speakers. The forum gives me a clearer view of the future of education. Since then, I have had many plans for what I need to do for my students in the years to come. As an ambassador of the program, I will connect with other teachers to work together, develop programs that will motivate teachers’ motivation as well as their passion for learning and teaching. With what I’ve experienced with this award, I realized believe that education is the key to changing the world. However, in that world, every child is an important factor. Therefore, it is the duty of the teacher to provide the child with the best education possible. So, every teacher is a good teacher, do not leave any child behind the education.

  1. What will I be focusing your future teaching practices on?

    Never before, people in the world can connect with each other as easily today. So, in the present and in the future, I always want my students to be global citizens so that they can adapt to the world’s development in different cultures. At present, many schools focus only on teaching knowledge in textbooks that sometimes is outdated, formal or alien to the reality of life around students. For myself, I will help students apply the knowledge they have learned to solve problems in their lives, helping each student learn how to spend their time exploring the world around them. In addition to the formation of 21st century skills such as teamwork, using information technology, critical thinking,… education for children, human values ​​are also of interest to me. Today, I am working with children on projects related to caring, self-esteem, development goals of the United Nations,… I believe these projects will help them reach the humanitarian values ​​that I desire.

5. For me, what should the future of education focus on / or what should it look like? 

     I really love the theme of the forum this year: “How do we prepare young people for the world of 2030 and beyond?”.  As you know, the world is growing every hour, every minute and this is changing the roots of our everyday lives. Who can say in advance what will happen? How will life around us change? As a teacher, I see that future education needs to integrate with the 4.0 revolution. Facing the rapid changes in science and technology, teaching methods must change, every cadre, teachers, students must determine that learning is a lifelong goal, learning anytime, anywhere. Geographic distance, space and time have been blurred. The teaching is no longer in the traditional way with chalk, board, pen and paper that can be made on electronic devices.
One thing I would like to pay more attention to is the end of the death of the students at the school by the adult gunfire. When I heard the children share the deaths of their friends in the classroom, I could not hold my tears. In addition, education for children with disabilities is also a concern for me after attending the Global Education and Skill Forum. Give all children a chance to study!


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