Raising teacher’s salary is not a radical solution to improve the quality of education


Differences in teaching profession in the world

   According to data released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), graphics by Business Insider dated May 7, 2018, Luxembourg paid the world’s highest teacher salaries. The salary for an inexperienced high school teacher is about $ 79,000 a year. The highest level for senior teachers is $ 138,000. Last year, this European country ranked first in the rankings.

   In Korea, experience and seniority have a great influence on income. Although an inexperienced teacher in the country earned only $ 27,702 in the first year, their salaries increased to $ 41,875 after 10 years and could reach a peak of $ 77,979.

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    Austria is one of the rare countries with a significant jump in wages from primary to secondary. At the highest salaries, high school teachers can earn more than $ 9,000 a year in elementary school teachers.

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(Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/teacher-salaries-by-country-2017-5)

   Salary is a complex issue in any workplace and education is no exception. It seems that the story of salary as well as the position of the teacher in society in each country is very different. In Vietnam, teacher pay is always a concern because you can not work well if you are worried every day that your income is enough to pay for life or not.

Teacher salary is lower than the maid

   In Vietnam, if a new teacher comes to work in kindergarten, primary school according to the Ministry of Education and Training, the salary is 3,264,300 VND (about 150 USD per month). According to the Officers Act, the starting salary is based on the degree. Teachers wishing to earn from 5 to 7 million VND (about 250 – 350 USD per month) take 10-15 years. Many have compared that teachers’ salaries in Vietnam are lower than in manual labor such as workers, housekeepers, etc.

Does the teacher’s salary increase when the quality of education increases?

    I can assert that failure to increase teacher salaries will make education reform fail. Without raising salaries to ensure the quality of life for teachers, it is difficult to attract good people into the pedagogical profession and in the long run, innovation, improvement of education quality will inevitably fail. When life is shortage of material, sick children do not have medicine, the teacher can not teach. When teachers are not well paid, they look for other sources of income to supplement their home prices instead of spending more time teaching.

    No one can deny that teachers have done a lot of work and in some places the amount paid is not commensurate with the effort they have spent. However, if we say that the teacher salary increases, the quality of education will be improved as well, it is not exact. Teaching is a special profession more than any other profession. Teaching is giving, not receiving. Many teachers do not have a good life because their salary is too low, but when they come to class, every word, every gesture, every action, every lesson of the teacher are valuable lessons of ants. consciousness, morality and personality. They teach students all their love without thinking about the amount of money they receive more or less.

   Conversely, if the amount received is a goal for teaching, even though the teacher’s salary is high, the quality of education is difficult to guarantee.

    In short, in order to increase the quality of education, in addition to raising wages, the government can offer a variety of programs to improve teacher education. That can be seen as the intangible value that teachers receive beside the tangible value of money. Every teacher also needs to be aware of his or her role in teaching. The teacher’s job is to teach good things to the students, less complaining, lamenting, or claiming their rights. Only when the mind, spirit and attitude of the teachers are really good, then they come to class with all the heart and love for the students, surely the quality of education will increase.


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